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Thursday, 28 February 2013

A Happy Lustplorer

One of the Lustplorer's team is very happy today to get herself a new pussy. I got to say Lali's Bits is looking great on her and I'll be doing up my other characters with it too :D Does mean re-doing the Lustplorers Episode 2 pages that are done but I don't mind as long I'm having fun and you all enjoy the comic ;) So for the time being enjoy one of my happy Lustplorers ;)


Monday, 25 February 2013

Lali'a Bits Testing

I bought Lali's Bits on day one and been testing it out but came across some problems with cross-talking. We've been working to stop the cross-talking from happening for a week and still trying today. I finally got somewhere in the end and was happy until I found out there still a across-talk problem with the FBM's I use on V4. The Lali's Bits product works solo great and working fine with M4 but having more that one V4 in the scene seems to be a problem and we are trying to find how to stop the cross-talking happening in Poser Pro 2012. So here's some images I was testing out, enjoy ;)

 26189055_lali's_bits_testing_.jpg 26189057_lali's_bits_testing_.jpg

It's a great product, just a shame there's problems where I don't problems to be. You can buy the product here Erogenesis - Lali's Bits v1 for $20.00, if we find away to use more than one V4 in a scene without cross-talking, I & Erogenesis will let you know ;)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lustplorers 2013 Valentine

I even got around to do a valentine with my Lustplorers :D The love is strong in the air today or it could be the chocolate love, enjoy ;)



It's valentine's day and love is in the air :D I enjoyed making this set with the new character Natasha for this valentine, enjoy and have a loving valentine ;)

Paul has become a fan of these porn elvens and contacted us to see if he could be in one of the photo shots. So we sent Natasha to his place to make his wish come true this valentine.


Price: $8.00
Number Of Images: 37
Image Quality: HQ
Image Size: 1500x1000 & 1000x1500
Image Format: PDF
Packaged As: Zip
File Size: 30.0MB
System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF Viewer & WinRAR or any zip file utility


 25433633_natasha_sample_001.jpg 25433634_natasha_sample_002.jpg 25433635_natasha_sample_003.jpg

You can buy this photoset over on Renderotica.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lustplorers Episode 1: I'll Take Care Of You

It's finally here, Lustplorers Episode 1 :D I know, I know, it sure took a long time but I did hit some bumps on the way. Not to worry though Lustplorers Episode 2 is being worked on :D but don't know when it'll be finished since I do get stuck on scripting so it'll take me longer to do :( I do have a lot of ideas for Lustplorers and part scripts that I've worked on ;) I did had fun doing this comic so I do hope you enjoy the first episode of many to come :D

The Cargo Cruiser Z725 AI known as JEN was so bored until things turned around with two lost cryo lifepods. She decided to bring them onboard and take care of them with a wakening pleasure.


Price: $6.00
Number Of Renders: 35
Number Of Pages: 14
Image Quality: HQ
Image Size: 1000x1500
Image Format: PDF
Packaged As: Zip
File Size: 13.2MB
System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF Viewer & WinRAR or any zip file utility


 31559012_lustplorers_e1_page_.jpg 31559013_lustplorers_e1_page_.jpg

You can buy this comic over on Renderotica.