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Friday, 20 June 2014

Lustplorers Episode 10: A Fairy Tale On Vayanah

It's here, Lustplorers Episode 10 :D I'm already working on the art for Episode 11 but it's going to take some time ;)

To get their freedom back the Lustplorers accept the mission from Kram to rescue Rihanna, but things don’t turn out the way it should on a foreign planet. Sometimes a Sci-Fi isn’t far away from a Fairy Tale and even Zombie Stories

Price: $9.00
Number Of Renders: 105
Number Of Pages: 40
Image Quality: HQ
Image Size: 1000x1500
Image Format: PDF
Packaged As: Zip
File Size: 48.2MB
System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF Viewer & WinRAR or any zip file utility


You can buy this comic over on Renderotique

1 comment:

  1. Great chapter!

    I hope you can release the next chapter soon.