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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

I've been very busy with my comic ''Lustplorers'', it's heating up in the (oops, I was just about to say, well, you just need to wait) and been working on our comic with Dandino :D plus I've been unwell :( but I did get around to do an Easter image for you all to enjoy while you eat all that chocolate (that reminds me 'munch'), this year Staci wanted to show off her sexy bunny outfit to you all :D


Friday, 15 March 2013


I've really enjoyed doing this set just like I always doing with all my artwork :D and thanks to the review on Affect3D I've made improvements to my artwork :D So I hope you enjoy the set has much as I did ;)

Sasha didn’t do very well in today’s lesson ‘making love spells’ but she has her own way for passing today’s lesson by seducing the teacher to her fine sexy young body to get an A+ with extra credit.


Price: $9.00
Number Of Images: 47
Image Quality: HQ
Image Size: 1500x1000 & 1000x1500
Image Format: PDF
Packaged As: Zip
File Size: 39.9MB
System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF Viewer & WinRAR or any zip file utility


 27162136_sasha_sample_001.jpg 27162137_sasha_sample_002.jpg 27162138_sasha_sample_003.jpg

You can buy this photoset over on Renderotica.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


I was just messing around with an idea and it came out great :D I've been doing fairies for some time (private messing around) and couldn't find the right wings that I had in mind until now and couldn't help but show you all :D I may even do fairies sets in the future too ;) Right now I'm working on my next set for you all to enjoy, it'll be finish when I'm finished, so for now enjoy the image ;)


Bargain Note The forest I used is from DAZ3D by Andrey Pestryakov, I had the forest and others for some time and been messing around with them, the products are great for fantasy, sci-fi or anything else for 3D artwork :D I even got the new forest winter that is 40% off so is Andrey Pestryakov Store, if you don't want to miss out head over to DAZ3D or click here. There are great bargains this month on DAZ3D and Renderosity, so keep a good eye out ;)