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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lustplorers Christmas 2012

It has been quit some time since I have added something but that's because I'm so busy. Lets start of with my products/sets that I'm selling, I'm still noticing that something is wrong even though it's using PayPal, I have tried so many times to fix this but finding it strange since some have worked and yet still having incomplete payment even though I've been checking each day, very odd. Plus nobody has even contacted me to why it's happening or why the payments not going through. December is the last month I can afford Digital Delivery App, so I have decided to go to plan B and use Renderotica to sell my products/sets just like other good-great artists :D and this means it won't cost me money out of my pocket that I don't have, instead the site will take a % of the profit since they are publishing the work and knowing that it will work 100% when people payout instead of giving me a headache of not knowing what's going on and wasting time trying to figure it out. I see this as a better idea for me :D
So what name am I under, well, I decided to have a new name that sounded good and different :D I'm under Jepner on Renderotica and still sticking with PJ23 on my blog/site or I may make a new blog/site with the name Jepner, don't know yet, we'll see ;) You can visit my store here:

 Jepner Store

Some of my products/sets won't be on there instead I'll sell them solo like YmomY suggested back in October so it doesn't cost me more money.
In other news, Lostplorers is coming along very nicely while doing another set while working on another comic with Dandino. So I've been very busy and I thought of doing an image for you all this Christmas with my Lustplorers, enjoy :D


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Thank You

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the people who viewed my image/s & payed for my set/s, I wouldn't got a hold of Cyborg Version 4 from DAZ3D if it wasn't for all you great people out there, This is going to help in my ideas for Lustplorers and other artworks :D I hope you enjoy the artwork that I do and more still to come ;)


Monday, 3 December 2012

Jana & Orc

I was doing some testing out at the weekend and I couldn't help put my new sexy character Jana with an Orc :D


Friday, 30 November 2012


It's been sometime you've seen some new artwork of mine that's because I'm busy with my Lustplorers (working on own) and the new comic we've been working on (me & Dandino). Still don't know if GoogleWallet works or not since people not letting me know but PayPal works fine :D Anyway, I've done a new Elf/Even character for you all to enjoy, her name is Jana who love to show off her sexy body :D I've been thinking that I may do solo sets of my sexy characters like I did with my Heroine-Art ;) Here are three free sexy images for you all to enjoy ;)

 22218878_jana_001.jpg 22218879_jana_002.jpg 22218880_jana_003.jpg

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Confirming Payments Part 2

I've been working hard trying to find out what is stopping orders going through, I know it works when using PayPal :D The problem was with GoogleWallet and I think I've found out how to fix this problem and hoping it'll work now. Since this problem has happened and I do apologize for this, so I've put my sets back on sale for one week for those who have missed out ;) Sale ends 1st December 2012. If it still doesn't work with GoogleWallet please let me know so I can try and fix it ;)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Confirming Payments

I have notice some people have been trying to pay but didn't get through, I don't know why that is since I keep checking and I do apologize for this. So I would like to know is which one did you use to try and pay with, was it Google Wallet or PayPal? Let me know in the comments because this is very important so I can fix this problem so you can pay for my set/s and enjoy them :D I check my E-Mail everyday to see if anyone is paying for the set/s and seeing if it needs to be confirmed, so far two payments have been confirmed with the use of PayPal and they have received the set/s.
Plus if anybody has a problem in the future, please let me know by the comments on here or PMing me on a forum that I'm on.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


It's finally here, Staci's first photoset :D Sorry it took sometime but I was busy with other things and real life. I've enjoyed doing this set for you all and I'm going to do even more :D

Staci is a Photoset featuring a sexy female elf name Staci and a male elf. There isn't a really background story to this set, just some fun in the office :D


Price: $8.00
Number Of Images: 32
Image Quality: HQ
Image Size: 1500x1000 & 1000x1500
Image Format: PDF
Packaged As: Zip
File Size: 22.1MB
System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF Viewer & WinRAR or any zip file utility


 20694474_staci_sample_001.jpg 20694475_staci_sample_002.jpg 20694476_staci_sample_003.jpg

You can buy this photoset over on Renderotica.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Focus Distance Test

I've been doing some camera tests, I haven't been very good with the camera focus distance in Poser. It takes a lot of time trying to get the focus right to get the render looking something what I was trying to do. This sort of image type will come handy for the work I'm doing, so here's the best image focus test I did, let me know what you think and if you got some tips for me will help ;)


Just to let you know that the photoset ''Vicky Vamp & Oscar Wolfson'' sale price will end today. So if you haven't got i yet, don't miss out ;)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Female Alien Is Back

I finally finished the female alien for Lustplorers and I'm liking her new look, I wouldn't mind her crash landing in my back garden :D than the first one I did, she looks like she's from the dark side, gives me some ideas for villains though ;) Now to finish off some rooms and then I can make a start on the comic :D For now, enjoy the view ;)


Friday, 2 November 2012

Sweet Little Porny

Today I'm going to show some samples of a comic that me & Dandino are developing. The name of the comic is called ''Sweet Little Porny'', I'm doing the artwork (This was done on Poser Pro 2010 before computer crashed out) and Dandino is doing the script/s and lettering in both English and French language. Here's some samples for you to enjoy:

 19813170_sweetlittlepornysamp.jpg 19813173_sweetlittlepornysamp.jpg

We have few more pages like these ones and I'm working on bringing the comic back up again. We always wanted to see if people are interested in this comic, so we like to hear from you ;) We do hope someday a publisher take us on and we could make money out of our production/s :D You may already notice I've been trying to sell my own work to see if my idea would work that would help me & the writer. When a person pays for set/s, it helps me in a number of ways for e.g:
To publish more artworks for you to enjoy.
To keep the files on the host.
To payout for more content for my Poser to make more artworks.
To help in more ways.
So don't be afraid to support an artist to grow :D Here's some more samples of Sweet Little Porny:

19813174_sweetlittlepornysamp.jpg 19813175_sweetlittlepornysamp.jpg 19813176_sweetlittlepornysamp.jpg

We are also working on a new project but can't say much about it at this time, I can only say that it's to do with heroines. If you are a fan of heroines your in for a treat :D I'm still working on my project ''Lustplorers'' bringing the alien character back but even more sexy, I'll show her once she's finished ;)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Vicky Vamp & Oscar Wolfson

Just made it in time for Halloween, this set took me longer than I first thought but the images turned out great :D I even came up with some more ideas while I was doing this and can't wait to do them :D

Vicky Vamp & Oscar Wolfson is a Photoset featuring a sexy female vampire name Vicky Vamp and a male werewolf name Oscar Wolfson. The vamp sisters are out playing a game of who can fuck & suck the most while one of the sisters decided to stay in and have a rest, this was a great opening for Oscar to prove himself to his brothers but things never turn out has planed :D


Price: $7.00
Number Of Images: 24
Image Size: 1500x1000 & 1000x1500
Image Format: PDF
Packaged As: Zip
File Size: 18.5MB
System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF Viewer & WinRAR or any zip file utility


 19688882_vicky_vamp____oscar_w.jpg 19688883_vicky_vamp____oscar_w.jpg 19688884_vicky_vamp____oscar_w.jpg

You can buy this photoset over on Renderotica.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

2012 Birthday

It's my Birthday once again, can you believe it's already been a year since my last birthday, wow time flies :O I was trying to get the female alien done before my birthday but she didn't make it :( maybe next year :D


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lustplorers Are Back

Lustplorers are coming back :D Well, two of the characters are back and working on the female alien again plus some others. I even been working on re-texturing the room/s for the Lustplorers comic and been working on re-making my Superheroines has well :D Here's the two characters for you to enjoy, more updates coming soon ;)


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Secret Boyfriend

I'm giving this a little go to see how it goes before making my mind up. I'm re-selling Secret Boyfriend again but this time without the script and on sale for a week and then it goes up ;) I've put two payment ways for you to buy my products, PayPal & GoogleWallet so you have a choice and I hope it works out this time ;)

Secret Boyfriend is a Photoset featuring 2 alien chicks named Lois & Katie, they have been best friends for years and there has been a rumour that Katie has a boyfriend but nobody has ever seen him. So Lois decided to have a sleep over at Katie's to find out about her boyfriend but finds out more of a secret than she first thought.


Price: $5.00
Number Of Images: 17
Image Size: 1500x1000 & 1000x1500
Image Format: JPG
Packaged As: Zip
File Size: 5.12MB
System Requirements: Any program that can read jpg


 19324350_secret_boyfriend_sam.jpg 19324351_secret_boyfriend_sam.jpg 19324352_secret_boyfriend_sam.jpg


You can buy this set with PayPal, to buy you need to be signin or signup on Renderotica Forum to send me PM.

Send a private message to Jepner

Monday, 22 October 2012

Adventure Girl

Selling didn't seem to turn out well and I'm in two minds to sell my products or not. I've been looking at my finances and I only can afford 1-2 months and will be broke, I can't even afford a webhost for selling my work :( If my computer never broke down on me and lost all my data I could afford more months, I'm thinking to got back to the old way and make a bit of money out of my artwork. I could make more with the free way by having more Traffic, that's were I need your help with ;) I've added links to other artists to my blog/site for sometime and I would like you to add my link to your site/blog, if I haven't added yours just ask ;) You can add my banner that's on my blog/site in the Artists Links on here and if you don't have a banner don't worry there's Other Artists Links. Adding my link to your blog/site would make me happy and I'll may add more things for free for you to enjoy, so lets help each other out :D Anyway, I was messing around at the weekend with a character (no name at this time, I just called her Adventure Girl) and lighting. She's similar to Tomb Raider, hunts for artifacts but gets herself into sex trouble or I just use her for a bit of mess around, we'll see in the future :D So here's the image for you all to enjoy ;)


Thursday, 11 October 2012

Secret Boyfriend

I'm proud to present my very first of many selling sets :D

Secret Boyfriend is a Comic Photoset featuring 2 alien chicks named Lois & Katie, they have been best friends for years and there has been a rumour that Katie has a boyfriend but nobody has ever seen him. So Lois decided to have a sleep over at Katie's to find out about her boyfriend but finds out more of a secret than she first thought.


You can buy Secret Boyfriend here:

For those who are wondering about my Heroines, Lustplorers and others. Yes I'm working on them too while I'm doing other products for you to enjoy, I'll give you updates on the progress ;)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I'm still working hard adding contents, trying to remake my products and more, so I fancy a break and do another bit of artwork for you to enjoy ;)


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Staci Tests

Since Staci is cute and sexy I thought of doing some other tests like magic (don't know if she has magic or not just testing out the materials I was making) and poses to see how she looks :D  

Staci Magic Test


Staci Pose Tests

 15749700_staci_pose_test_1.jpg 15749701_staci_pose_test_2.jpg 15749703_staci_pose_test_3.jpg

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


More products added to my runtime and fancy a break and do a bit of artwork, enjoy ;)


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Female Zombie

It's been sometime but things do take time especially adding products into my runtime again and there is still lots to do but I thought of taking a break and do a bit of artwork :D I decided to do a female zombie in SSS (I haven't tried doing that before with the SSS) and since I'm watching The Walking Dead Season 2 on disc so why not do a bit of artwork ;)


Monday, 13 August 2012

News Update

I thought of giving you all an update on what's going on. Well, it's bad news on my artwork :( My graphic/gaming computer as went on Friday :mad: and I needed to calm down before letting you all know. The mother board went and so did the hard drive meaning that the work I was doing is all gone >( My Lustplorers, Heroines, Alice Hunter and more >( It'll be a long time till I can get going again with my ideas and what I was working on.

Thursday, 9 August 2012


I've been working on upgrading my Heroines and been making more :D A number of them don't have names at this time but here's one that does, enjoy ;)


Monday, 6 August 2012

Workout Magic

A friend requested a peace of artwork, he wanted a muscly woman with a cute face but could make his mind up if he wanted futanaria or not so I done both, enjoy ;)

 Workout Magic


Workout Magic Futanaria


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Alice Hunter 2

This is an upgrade of Alice Hunter, I've change the hair into an easier hair to work with the poses :D The other hair wasn't working out has I hoped when I pose the model. I have some great ideas for this character & scenes, you'll be seeing her in action in the near future ;)


Friday, 3 August 2012

Lady And Her Dragon

For my second image I thought of using a dragon and a sexy woman for those who likes/loves dragon artwork ;)


Skunk Babe

I thought of just messing around with some products in my runtime and came up with two new images for you to enjoy ;) Here's the first image I thought of doing another sexy furry for those who likes/loves furrys ;)


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alice Hunter

A new adventurer character I'm working on from an idea I had back at school and I'm going to enjoy messing around with it :D Plus I've been busy with a new idea that I'm working on for my Heroines, there will be more about that later ;) You can download the full HD image in the download link, enjoy ;)



Sunday, 22 July 2012


I thought of sharing a captive pose with an artwork piece :D The pose are for M4 & V4 and comes in parts into folders to mix & match with other poses ;) You can download the full HD image and the pose in the download link, enjoy ;)



Thursday, 19 July 2012

Foxy Foxy

I thought of just using the A3 & H3 furrys on it's own body's :D You can download the full HD image in the download link, enjoy ;)



Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Deep Under

Here's another fun one I thought of doing. You can download the full HD image in the download link, enjoy ;)