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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lustplorers Christmas 2012

It has been quit some time since I have added something but that's because I'm so busy. Lets start of with my products/sets that I'm selling, I'm still noticing that something is wrong even though it's using PayPal, I have tried so many times to fix this but finding it strange since some have worked and yet still having incomplete payment even though I've been checking each day, very odd. Plus nobody has even contacted me to why it's happening or why the payments not going through. December is the last month I can afford Digital Delivery App, so I have decided to go to plan B and use Renderotica to sell my products/sets just like other good-great artists :D and this means it won't cost me money out of my pocket that I don't have, instead the site will take a % of the profit since they are publishing the work and knowing that it will work 100% when people payout instead of giving me a headache of not knowing what's going on and wasting time trying to figure it out. I see this as a better idea for me :D
So what name am I under, well, I decided to have a new name that sounded good and different :D I'm under Jepner on Renderotica and still sticking with PJ23 on my blog/site or I may make a new blog/site with the name Jepner, don't know yet, we'll see ;) You can visit my store here:

 Jepner Store

Some of my products/sets won't be on there instead I'll sell them solo like YmomY suggested back in October so it doesn't cost me more money.
In other news, Lostplorers is coming along very nicely while doing another set while working on another comic with Dandino. So I've been very busy and I thought of doing an image for you all this Christmas with my Lustplorers, enjoy :D



  1. good news :) I hope it may go well Jepner n_n
    and Merry Christmas!!!!!

    1. Thanks YmomY and Merry Christmas to you too ;)

  2. Great work PJ. Hope all works out. I was wondering if you will be doing anything further with Jana. She is a great looking elf. Hope to seeing more soon.

    Happy New Years.

    1. Thanks Kingrhino and Happy New Year to you too ;) Yes there will be a set with Jana, plus more for this year ;)