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Monday, 23 April 2012

Elven Girl

I got a request from a person for an elven looking girl something like Lord Of The Rings, so here you go ;) You can download the full HD size in the download link, enjoy ;)




1 comment:

  1. Hi.

    My name is Dandino and I have seen your 3D art-work on your blog (from a Forum first). I want to congratulate you for your efforts and great talent – your art-work is really attractive and various.

    I want to say that I am “new” as a 3D-comics reader. I don’t pretend I am a big fan of it, but I want to talk to you about a project I have. I’m not trying to sell something, absolutely not ! The thing is : I am working myself on few erotic comics writing projects and I need to find talented artists who want to explore their art and find opportunities... You can see how serious I am about my stuff just by checking my blog...

    Right now, I am working with 3 artists from all around the world – regular good old 2D comics, huh...-) We’re trying to interest publishers, now. Not so easy, but I made some submissions, etc. Recently, I had a contact with Lew, from HipComix... Well, they do essentially 3D stuff, but the guy took a look on one of my projects and had good words... So, I said to myself : maybe I should try to do something especially for 3D. And I did – old project I had in my mind and want to develop, now.

    It will be a pleasure to expose this project to you with more details, but for now I’m going to make it short... What I have in my mind is to create 1 page gags. 2-4 vignettes / page. The action will happen in a Baseball Stadium in a fake pro league, with 7 girls as recurrent characters (3 main ones) + lot of people in bleachers + ballplayers. A lot of fantasy-sex-acts. Kind of thematics I want to develop : One of the girls is the fan # 1 of the Prickville HardCocks and she is dodging anytime in the stadium ; the owner of the team has BDSM relations with the players, etc. Very funny and very erotic. Something that readers should want to read and read again, because characters are attractive, with a very particular psychology, different ethnicity and body shapes, etc. Baseball is simply a context – what I want to show is the 7 girls living impossible-plausible sex fantasies in a ball park ! Decor will be every place in the park and the girls, most of the time, have to show the best parts of their bodies with few clothes.

    My concept is to create a “remake” of my own creation called “The Milfladies”. You can check the 2D art-work of my partner Sas. For the baseball project, I simply have transposed the characters in another context... Once again, I will talk more about it if you want to... But what I need is to meet an artist ready to work on this project with me. He has to add his personal touch and vision.