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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Update & Renderotica Storewide Sale [July 2013]

Another great sale coupon for you all to enjoy for the summer and get work you like over on Renderotica :D Enter the coupon code SIZZLER2013 at checkout and get 10% off your entire order, the coupon expires Monday, July 29, 2013 at 11:59PM Pacific time so don't miss out and enjoy your weekend ;)

Friday, 26 July 2013

R.I.P. Shana

A great vendor has died: Shana, it's a shame to see a vendor die :( who does a great job and we all love her work :D I use her texture clothing in my work has you may notice and they are always great :D and I'm sure we all going to miss her and her product work that gives you that extra and want to buy the clothing for it. She really knew what clothing textures the customer would like for the new clothes that were out. Good to know that Renderosity and her boyfriend will be keeping her store open in memory of her and so we never forget her, to read more Click Here. I even done an image in memory of her though my Poser kept on freezing on the rendering when trying to do this image but I finally did the render.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

New Kitty

I got myself a new cool product from RuntimeDNA called Melody 2.0 and textures to go with it :D (The texture bundle isn't on anymore, it was only to 21 July 2013 but I got them :D ). It's awesome have V4 has a furry character now unlike before when using A3 and the other good news is LittleFox (vendor on RuntimeDNA) will be doing more addons to the product like new textures, tails and ears and maybe more :D plus LittleFox is planing to do an M4 version too what I can't wait for as well :D So here's a render I did for you to enjoy ;)


Now for some Adult news; Have you hear/read about policing the internet even more for adult content because parents are becoming lazy (yes I mean it). When I was young I wasn't allowed to have the internet until I was 18 or older to even have it (I understand why once I did have the internet, good for horny people out there, not good for kids) so why can't parents of today do the same, it's not that hard. If I had a kid, I won't be allowing my kid to be on the internet until he/she is 18 or older and if I find out that someone has allowed my kid on the internet I'll be sewing them no matter what. You can get the information you need from a book (you haven't forgot what a book looks like now have you). Another thing, you do know that you can put restrictions on a computer show kids can't even go on the site/s with password (make sure you make it to good to be cracked by a kid), I did this for a friend of mine who has kids, I put blocks on sites that a kid shouldn't go on e.g. any porn/adult sites, social media like facebook and so on (why do that, boy where have you been? Bullying, Trolling [I see it as bullying], Chil********** (blanked for safety, you got to be sick in the head if you are one, get the hell off Earth or any other planet) and more. Any site I see that a kid isn't allowed on, I blocked. There even softwares out there that can put restrictions on computer too. So how about parents start doing their job and stop expecting everyone else to do your job for you. On another note, I do understand what they are trying to do but it should be done to those who are doing the crime in the first place but would that stop them, simple answer, no. They still be doing it (sick bastards), what needs to be done is to kill them (I know, my justice is odd but it stops them from ever doing it again, if you think about it).

 Some information on knowing your artist here what I don't like or don't do, the writer knows what I don't do and I think some of you already know but here's the list;  

I will never do: Underage Porn, Incest, Scatology, Beastiality, Death Porn, Rape.  

My limit: Futanari, Beast Alien Monsters, None Sexual Gore, Near To Rape (if any type of rape, the raper will be killed).  

I like doing: Porn, Straight Porn, Odd Love (Orcs, Aliens, Furry, Monsters and so on), Lesbian Porn and anything normal type.

Zombies are like in between Like-Limit and same with bondage, it all depends what a zombie is doing or what type of bondage really ;) Wow, this is the first time I typed so much in a post on my blog. Well, back to work ;)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Lustplorers Episode 4: Past Nightmare

Lustplorers Episode 4 did take longer than I hoped but it's finally been released :D The artwork was done in June but we both (me and Dandino) had other things to do (computer related and other) but we finally got it done for this month :D Another great comic I do say and you'll get to know the team that little more ;) I also fix most of the Poser problems I've been having with the freeze renders, it still does but a lot less so I can do more of my/our products :D

Captain Coxxx is dreaming about the past and he think it's real until waking up back to the present, haunted by the nightmare that he had Sierra knows a way of getting her Captain to forget about the past.


Price: $7.00
Number Of Renders: 75
Number Of Pages: 27
Image Quality: HQ
Image Size: 1000x1500
Image Format: PDF
Packaged As: Zip
File Size: 27.4MB
System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF Viewer & WinRAR or any zip file utility


 35927047_lustplorers_e4_page_.jpg 35927048_lustplorers_e4_page_.jpg 35927049_lustplorers_e4_page_.jpg

You can buy this comic over on Renderotica