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Monday, 22 October 2012

Adventure Girl

Selling didn't seem to turn out well and I'm in two minds to sell my products or not. I've been looking at my finances and I only can afford 1-2 months and will be broke, I can't even afford a webhost for selling my work :( If my computer never broke down on me and lost all my data I could afford more months, I'm thinking to got back to the old way and make a bit of money out of my artwork. I could make more with the free way by having more Traffic, that's were I need your help with ;) I've added links to other artists to my blog/site for sometime and I would like you to add my link to your site/blog, if I haven't added yours just ask ;) You can add my banner that's on my blog/site in the Artists Links on here and if you don't have a banner don't worry there's Other Artists Links. Adding my link to your blog/site would make me happy and I'll may add more things for free for you to enjoy, so lets help each other out :D Anyway, I was messing around at the weekend with a character (no name at this time, I just called her Adventure Girl) and lighting. She's similar to Tomb Raider, hunts for artifacts but gets herself into sex trouble or I just use her for a bit of mess around, we'll see in the future :D So here's the image for you all to enjoy ;)



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  2. You've thought about doing works on commission, that might help a bit or You could sell your sets like taaaakertv does, I think he used Paypal and Hotfile
    Hopefully you have more luck in your upcoming projects check this for luck n_n

    1. Thanks for the info & help YmonY, I haven't figured out how to do it that way yet but hope I can. I've E-Mailed Taaaaker and hope I get a reply ;)